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Rizziconi Energia: between innovation and sustainability

Rizziconi Energia SpA is the company that owns the Rizziconi power plant in the province of Reggio Calabria. The modern 760 MW combined cycle plant is a prime example of excellence and innovation, strengthening Italy’s generation facilities in terms of energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

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Combined cycle technology is extremely innovative, ensuring higher net efficiency by way of reduced fuel usage, emissions and generation costs. This technology has solidified Rizziconi’s status as a next-generation power plant.


Rizziconi was designed according to a multifaceted goal: generating energy, limiting the environmental impact, and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and the production of noise and water pollution.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rizziconi embraced its responsibilities before the construction of the plant even began. When deciding where to build the new power plant, a variety of factors were taken into consideration, including the impact on the environment and the local population, as well as its relationship with other generation facilities.

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