Power plant architecture: where industry meets nature

Rizziconi's architecture

The architecture of the Rizziconi Energia power plant represents a revolutionary attempt to reconcile a complex industrial infrastructure with the surrounding landscape. An initial study revealed opportunities to bridge the gap between the industrial, natural and civil environments to ensure a harmonious result.

Virtual tour of the power plant

Below is a virtual tour of the Rizziconi Energia plant. To see more details and images, click on the red dots.

Execution of the project

Axpo decided to carry out this ambitious project in partnership with the Frigerio Design Group. This architectural firm specialises in integrating industrial and civil projects into their surroundings, prioritising nature, history and advanced construction techniques, while maintaining the central theme of the Axpo Group. The avant-garde architectural design was presented at the travelling exhibition “A journey in Slow Architecture” and published in the prestigious online magazine Architectural Record.

“Architecture to be experienced on multiple levels, from social and economic factors to energy issues and sustainability.”


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