The Rizziconi plant: the true power of innovation

The Rizziconi thermal power plant, built within the Gioia Tauro plain in Rizziconi (RC), is at the cutting edge of electricity generation thanks to the use of combined cycle technology.

The plant was designed to ensure maximum respect for the environment and the most efficient production. It is powered by natural gas, minimising environmental impact and optimising energy efficiency.

The power station

The thermoelectric plant of Rizziconi Energia is part of an elaborate industrial plan that represents a major investment in the reduction of environmental impact to achieve greater energy efficiency.

The plant is made up of two independent modules, each consisting of:

  • a gas turbine
  • a boiler
  • a steam turbine
  • an air-cooled condenser equipped with the associated fans.

Each module is designed in a multi-shaft configuration and every turbine is paired with an alternator for the conversion of electrical energy.


The site chosen for the plant sets it apart for its excellent logistics. The natural gas needed to supply the plant is taken directly from the SNAM Rete Gas distribution network and transmitted back into the national grid thanks to the connection with the adjacent 380 kV TERNA substation. All this takes place through aerial connections within the area, minimizing the impact of grid connection activities.

The layout of the plant

The overall layout of the plant was designed according to the principles of Slow Architecture, with the goal of making it a more functional and harmonious addition to the surrounding environment.

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