Integrated management: one of Rizziconi's core values

Rizziconi's policy

Rizziconi Energia’s Integrated Safety and Environmental Management policy protects the health and safety of workers and respects the environment. These principles always come first in the power plant’s strategic management policies.

Rizziconi and Integrated Policy Training

Rizziconi is committed to training activities to promote the knowledge and application of the Integrated Policy by all its employees.

Health and safety

Rizziconi voluntarily adopted the Environmental Management System (EMS) developed according to international standards, which perfectly reflects the power plant’s dedication to environmental protection and occupational health and safety. This policy allows Rizziconi to monitor and control the impact of its activities with a vision of continuous improvement.

International certifications

ISO 14001:2015

For company-wide environmental management

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Monitoring of environmental and safety performance

Integrated management through continuous process monitoring
Definition and management of performance evaluation parameters
Evaluation of progress according to the defined parameters
Identification of corrective actions to achieve the objectives

Staff training and awareness

Through training and informational activities involving all staff, Rizziconi promotes everyone’s awareness of the Integrated Policy and the various management systems, ensuring that they are understood and implemented correctly.

Other subjects


Permits tied to environmental impact

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